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Heavy lifting equipment

Safety Measures when Using Heavy Lifting Equipment

Heavy lifting equipment have a variety of uses, especially at construction sites. Improper use of heavy equipment has been the cause of quite a few fatalities and accidents over a period of time. According to data collected by NIOSH NTOF, in the time period of 1980-1989, machine related injuries were second only to injuries caused by motor vehicles as the leading cause of occupational injury fatalities. Machine-related injuries accounted for 14% of all deaths (worksafecenter.com, UNDERSTAND NEED FOR HEAVY MACHINERY SAFETY, 2016).

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The Importance of Selecting Certified Lifting Equipment

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has been charged with ensuring that workplaces in Sweden adhere to the regulations set out by the occupational health and safety legislation (EU-OSHA, Sweden, 2016). Some construction sites today require the use of heavy lifting equipment to lift loads that exceed several tons. There are regulations in place that govern the use of such equipment. Proper certification is one of the requirements articulated in these regulations. There are two types of certifications required for lifting equipment. One of the certifications deals with the capacity of the equipment while the other is concerned with proper maintenance.  The latter is a continuous certification as equipment has to be periodically inspected to ensure that it is in proper working order. Mentioned below are the reasons why businesses should opt for certified heavy lifting supply.

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Tips to Ensure Safe Use of Heavy Lifting Equipment

Workers and employees face various safety threats in the construction and heavy-lifting industry. Some construction accidents have been so disastrous, that these are still etched in public memory. Accidents are caused by safety hazards such as collapsing cranes, chemical exposures, misuse of machinery, etc (Amerisure Insights, “BUILDING ON DISASTER: FOUR CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENTS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD”, 2015). The risks of life and property can be decreased with the use of proper heavy lifting equipment.

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Steps To Take To Stay Safe on Construction Sites

For those working in the construction industry, it is common knowledge that a construction site can be one of the most dangerous and hazardous place to work in. Individuals that work on various construction sites know better than anyone that proper safety starts and ends with their decisions and how they conduct themselves.

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Different types of equipment for heavy lifting

It is a common fact that construction sites make use of a wide variety of construction machines, which make the construction job easy, safe and quicker. Among these construction machines, one of the most important and most commonly used types is heavy lifting machines.

Hoisting and lifting involves special considerations, such as lift radius, machine capacity and ground conditions. Over the years, operator assisting devices have been added to these machines, making them easy to control. Heavy lifting equipment has evolved in size as well. Today’s equipment is capable of enormous lifts with a relatively easy movement.

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